Heating Repairs Cochiti Lake, New Mexico

It gets cold in Cochiti Lake, NM. If your heating system is broken you can call Reliable Tech Heating Cooling and Plumbing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we'll be there to get your system back up and running.

If you just aren't comfortable with your current system, our expert service technicians can come to you home or business in Cochiti Lake, NM, evaluate you system, and offer you informed choices and pricing on how to solve you problem. Reliable Tech Heating Cooling and Plumbing can help with these or other issues:

  • Cold or hot areas in you home
  • Noisy systems
  • Additions or renovations
  • Nuisance outages
  • System update

No heat, please diagnose repairs were done but it is an old unit see is electrical surge may have damage other parts of unit.

Vooscane Ave, Cochiti Lake, NM COCHITI LAKE, NM

maintenance on trane split system and mini split system

Tahawash Street COCHITI LAKE, NM

Replace gas fired furnace Trane model TDD2B080A9362AD serial 15206PKW1G to include one Honeywell UV100A 105a air purifier . Installation includes a one year service agreement provided by reliable tech

Tahawash Street COCHITI LAKE, NM

We propose to install a Trane, XR80, 80,000 BTU 80% 17 inch wide efficient down flow furnace with a UV light system and a digital thermostat


I found a door off and unit was sucking hot air off the roof. Warranty.

Hoochaneetsa Blvd, Cochiti, NM COCHITI LAKE, NM