Heating Repairs Santa Fe, New Mexico

It gets cold in Santa Fe, NM. If your heating system is broken you can call Reliable Tech Heating Cooling and Plumbing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we'll be there to get your system back up and running.

If you just aren't comfortable with your current system, our expert service technicians can come to you home or business in Santa Fe, NM, evaluate you system, and offer you informed choices and pricing on how to solve you problem. Reliable Tech Heating Cooling and Plumbing can help with these or other issues:

  • Cold or hot areas in you home
  • Noisy systems
  • Additions or renovations
  • Nuisance outages
  • System update

itsubishi 3 Zone 30,000 BTU Heat Pump Condenser. Model MXZ-3B30NA-1 Electrical Upgrade is included. 1.00 $5,063.99 $5,063.99 MS-MITSU-INDOOR-FH15000-HP Mitsubishi Indoor 15,000 BTU Heat Pump head. Model MSZ-FH15NA-U1 1.00 $2,305.11 $2,305.11 add on MS-MITSU-INDOOR-FH9000-HP Mitsubishi Indoor 9,000 BTU Heat Pump head. Model MSZ-FH09NA-U1 1.00 $2,093.43 $2,093.43 add on MS-MITSU-INDOOR-FH6000-HP Mitsubishi Indoor 6,000 BTU Heat Pump head. Model MSZ-FH06NA-U1 1.00 $2,008.89 $2,008.89 add on RTWarranty3 Reliable Tech offers a 3-year labor warranty and 2 Service Maintenance Visits in addition to manufacturer parts warranty. Annual maintenance is recommended by Reliable Tech and the manufacturer to maintain warranties. 1.00 $0.00 $0.00 MINI-SPLIT INSTALL We propose to removal of existing swamp cooler and cap the holes. Finish work at homeowner discression

County Road 84 # A SANTA FE, NM

We Propose to install a three zone in floor radiant heat system along with the new thermostats this will also include all piping needed for installation. This will also include the navian combi boiler 150 E along with Nuvo whole home filtration. This will include all permits an inspections. With a Reliable tech three year labor warranty plus manufacturer warranty.Nuvo History

Old Santa Fe Trail SANTA FE, NM

In order to maintain desired temperatures would require that a second outdoor condenser 36,000 BTU with a second 24,000 BTU indoor head on the north side of the kitchen and moving the 7,000 BTU indoor head on to the new condenser. which would give us 31,000 BTU. and a total of an even 36,000 BTU on the existing system. allowing to maintain desired temperatures.


We propose to install a Navien Combination Boiler and domestic hot water system. We will include new piping, 3 zone valves, expansion tank, backflow preventer, fill valve, super vent, condensation neutralizer, clearwave water conditioner, PVC concentric venting kit, 3 honeywell heat only thermostats, 3 zone control board and new piping for both domestic and radiant heating. *Reliable Tech offers a 5-year parts warranty and a 3-year labor warranty.

Valley Drive SANTA FE, NM

We Propose to install a Weil McLain CGA 4 105,000 btu cast iron boiler with New piping from exsisting manafolds along with new expansion tank and air separator. We will also install a new domestic hot water expansion tank for existing water heater.

Conejo Dr SANTA FE, NM

PLease replace conrol box

Sunrise Rd SANTA FE, NM

Best solution for a failing main water service valve. The main service valve is used to quickly shut off the main water flow into the property. A pressure relief valve ensures water pressure entering the property from is regulated to an optimum functional pressure which protects the pipes and fixtures within the property.

Don Cubero SANTA FE, NM

INSTALL We propose to install a new Cozy wall natural gas heater. This will include the removal of old equipment.

Calleja Shannon SANTA FE, NM

We propose to install One 3000 CFM side draft along with one 3000 CFM downdraft evaporative coolers this will also include electrical and 2 digital thermostats. Reliable Tech will provide a 3 year labor warranty along with manufacturer warranty.

Arroyo Privado SANTA FE, NM

Performed summer service maintenance visit. Checked units for proper operation. Cleaned all washable mini split filters. Checked drains and condensate pumps. System is functioning properly.

Paseo De La Cuma # 11 SANTA FE, NM

We will install 2 Mitsubishi heads one 6000 BTU head in the bedroom, one 12,000 BTU all on a 20,000 BTU condenser. Condenser to place on roof in front parapet, bring electrical through roof. Place head as high on wall in living room as possible centered between windows, Head in bedroom will need a cage fabricated around it for protection, place over window if possible.

Avenida De Las Americas SANTA FE, NM

Replaced canister part #80 on Aprilaire 800 humidifier. Cycled system for leak check and proper operation. System is functioning properly. System parts were covered by warranty.

Camino Acote SANTA FE, NM

Reliable Tech offers a 3-year labor warranty and 2 Service Maintenance Visits in addition to manufacturer parts warranty. Annual maintenance is recommended by Reliable Tech and the manufacturer to maintain warranties.

Old Pecos Trail # 622 SANTA FE, NM

System running optimal. Cooling has a 19.5 degree split. Flame sensor clean, blower wheel clean. Reccomending some sort of filter system. I.E. filter grill for return or Trane Clean Air Effects. UV light for any bacteria within the household.

Calle Colina SANTA FE, NM

Toilet Tank orFlsh Vlv Rebuild Complete STANDARD Full Flush Valve or Tank Kit Best solution for your failing Standard toilet tank system is to replace the entire tank kit to ensure like new operation.

Old Pecos Trail SANTA FE, NM

Inspection of piping on radiant system found piping to be 1\2" pex see picture for details.

Kachina Ridge Drive SANTA FE, NM

split system lid won't open and every now and then it makes a funny loud noise for five seconds

Santa Rosa Dr SANTA FE, NM

swamp cooler is leaking

Camino de Chelly SANTA FE, NM

seal where there is moister; we installed these units

Calle Lemita SANTA FE, NM

Furnace; 19-SEER 4TTR6036J1000A. install TRANEXR16 SINGLE STAGE 16-SEER 3 Ton Condenser, model 4TTR6036J1000A. Parts and labor included.

Callejon Zenaida SANTA FE, NM