Plumbing Repairs Santa Fe, New Mexico

Reliable Tech Heating Cooling and Plumbing prides itself on being the most reliable and knowledgeable plumber in Santa Fe, NM. No job is too large or too small.

For all those little jobs from fixing faucets, stopping drips, replacing old piping, replacing valves, repairing toilets, repairing water heaters, fixing underground water leaks, fixing gas lines, call Reliable Tech Heating Cooling and Plumbing.

T500143 Drain Rebuild Metal Up to 2" Partial Copper/Chrome P-Trap, Flange and Pipe Up to 2 FT Good solution for replacing your two sections of failed plastic parts under your existing drain. Complete rebuild or replacement is recommended for complete peace of mind. Does not include supply or emergency shut offs MPT:60.000000 1.00 $418.79 $418.79 1.00000 T500508 WL Rebuild Pex or CPVC Up To 4" Partial Pex or CPVC Misc Connection (2) MPT:109.999980 1.00 $440.91 $440.91 1.83333 T500135 Replace ice maker shut off Remove & Replace or Install Existing Connections Good solution for a failing Standard part ice maker shut-off is to replace it.

Rio Grande Avenue SANTA FE, NM

We Propose to install a Weil Mclain Ultra 230 high-efficiency boiler with new trimmings, fast fill pump, expansion tank, check valve, and add fernox. We will also install a clear wave electric water conditioner. Repair electrical low voltage wiring to the upstairs bathroom.

Este Lane SANTA FE, NM

Replaced shower valve in unit e201. Customer supplied all materials.

West Zia Rd SANTA FE, NM

Pipe leak

Kachina Ct SANTA FE, NM

multiple issues; will change filter; plumbing repair

sierra azul SANTA FE, NM

plumbing install

Camino Acote SANTA FE, NM

Diagnose swamp cooler. Swamp cooler was off.

Verano Loop SANTA FE, NM

PRV valve; no pressure, no hot water

Monte Azul Place SANTA FE, NM

NOT A SERVICE MEMBER* REGULAR INSPECTION $140.00* Clean filters Check condensation drain and/or pump Check outside coil and clean with water if necessary Check air temperatures Check for leaks


Proposition to install a ductless mini split into master bedroom and and ductless mini split wall mount into the living room and 42,000 BTU condenser. Pad, surge protector and electrical included.

Los Pinos SANTA FE, NM

Replaced faucet stem to up stairs faucet.

1/2 Camino Cabra SANTA FE, NM

Test Gas Pressure, dig/Digging Soft Soil, Leak Search Up To 800 Sq. Ft, Re-lite All Pilots, Gas Line Steel Yard Riser Up To 2" Up To 2FT

Agua Fria Street SANTA FE, NM

leak outside of home possibly just needs the washer to be replaced but run a diagnostic, see what the problem is and explain estimate/repair to the customer before starting the repair.

Camino Artista SANTA FE, NM

One of the two lavatory faucets is leaking and needs to be repaired. Diagnose and repair if possible. Bring a full supply of parts washer, o-rings, etc? Hopefully, all you'll have to do is replace the washer or o-ring inside the faucet. He does not want to replace the faucet.

Old Pecos Trail SANTA FE, NM

Dig/Digging Soft Soil Topsoil or Sandy Soil Water line leak locate Good solution for a water leak is to pinpoint it's location using specialized equipment Drain Rebuild Up To 3" Up To 3FT

County Road 84 East SANTA FE, NM

Trim Kit Fernox part 2 Mixing valve Check estimate

Kachina Court SANTA FE, NM

Continue job

Callecita Pecos SANTA FE, NM

The landlord has already bought the 2 faucets for you to install as well as fix a leak he pinpointed coming from the pipe connected to the tub. The leak is flowing into the ceiling and leaking from the ceiling to the downstairs area. Please fix leak and install 2 facuets in the bathroom.

Monte Azul Place SANTA FE, NM

Plumbing; multiple issues.

Callecita Pecos SANTA FE, NM

Plumbing dig. We Propose to add two cleanouts to main line 3 to 4 inches. We will include digging and back filling except landscaping. We will then re-snake the main line with the large machine. If sewer clog is out of the yard of further down the yard a re-estimate will take place.

Callecita Pecos SANTA FE, NM