Water or Steam Boiler Repair Los Alamos, New Mexico

If your heating system in Los Alamos, NM is not working it is likely your boiler needs repair or a good servicing. At times the fix is simple, at times not. Our heating service technicians have years of experience working on hot water or steam boiler systems like yours in Los Alamos, NM. Reliable Tech Heating Cooling and Plumbing service vehicles are on call 24 hours per day are fully equipped with the tools and parts necessary to get your furnace back up and operating.
Our boiler repair, service or replacement pricing is competitive. Our estimates are always firm with no hidden surprises. You can rely on Reliable Tech Heating Cooling and Plumbing to advise you properly and to do excellent work promptly.

We Propose to install a NTI ASME combination water heater/boiler. Install will include new venting, all necessary piping, expansion tank, backflow preventer, fill valve, air vent, 2 new zone valves, We will use existing recirculation pump adapted to new system.

41st Street LOS ALAMOS, NM

We Propose to install a new Weil Mclain GVA-5 Direct replacement 140,000 BTU power vent cast iron boiler along with new zone valves, expansion tank, fast fill, air eliminators and back flow preventer. New manifold both Supply and return.This will aslo include new venting for both water heater along with two new digital thermostats. We will provide a 3 year labor warranty Plus manufacturer warranty.

Venado st LOS ALAMOS, NM

Clean Heat Exchanger, Fernox Treatment, Standard whole house filter replacement, service member program, Gasket kit,

Alabama Avenue #B LOS ALAMOS, NM

Recommend deep cleaning on system and doing water treatment system has had multiple issue since installationmay want a bid on new system due to amount of since installissues

Alabama Avenue #B LOS ALAMOS, NM

Replaced 3 way zone valve power head.

Meadow Lane, White Rock, NM LOS ALAMOS, NM

1 zone is not working, 2 are working fine. Please diagnose the issue and fix that day if possible.

Capulin Road LOS ALAMOS, NM

Replace ignition rod on Noritz boiler.

La Cueva St, Los Alamos, NM LOS ALAMOS, NM

The boiler has 3 zones. All 3 are working but the middle zone controls the bottom zone and the bottom zone is controlling the middle zone. Caller believes it's a wiring issue. Boiler was installed July of 2017, boiler and service is still under warranty.

quemazon LOS ALAMOS, NM

Boiler in good conditionflame sensor cleaned all power heads were tested along with tstats ,trim and pumps no gas or co leaks ... system doesn't have fernox and neutralizer is due for service like stone pebbles need to be replaced... Non specific repair cost is for replacement of limestone pebbles in neutralizer

Timber Ridge Road LOS ALAMOS, NM

Boilermate amtrol error code 2 high water temperature. Please Diagnose issue.


Install igniter and flame sensor, be careful with gaskets.


Weil McClain boiler Model CGA gold providing little heat but not responding very well, please diagnose the issue and speak to the customer on repair or new system if one is needed.


Work with Bruce (give him a call on his cellphone) about setting up the system to be activated manually. He wants to have a flow through the system and then he can turn on the powerheads manually. He needs the controller replaced, maybe even replace it today. Steve didn't follow up with me about what needed to be done. Check attached photos for the controller that needs to be replaced.


Boiler is in rough condition, inlet pump is dead "Taco 007-F5" 15 psi needs new dielectric unions. Also recommended doing a repipe on boiler system: needs a primary and secondary loop, found air separator closed, tons of air in system.

Quenmazon Pl, Los alamos, NM LOS ALAMOS, NM

Slant fin boiler MFD. Found gas leak @gas valve in 2 locations. Also leaking 5-7 ppm of CO boiler has been red tagged (000239) due to safer hazards.

Tsankowi St, Los Alamos, NM LOS ALAMOS, NM

Found gas leak on gas valve @ deration port on inlet side. Leak was fixed allen screw was loose. All trim in great condition. Rust beginning to form in CO hood above boiler, recommend primary secondary piping to allow boiler to operate properly without creating moisture.

Yarrow, White Rock, NM LOS ALAMOS, NM

Nortiz combi unit check up.

La Cueva St, Los Alamos, NM LOS ALAMOS, NM

Perform Maintenance on 3 units. Unit on the ground has a gas leak, left it off, need to make repairs. other units on roof operating properly. Boiler is going to need some repairs to get office operating. Has a bad valve and small air vent,

Meadow Lane, White Rock, NM LOS ALAMOS, NM

Tech did a CO test and thoro

Los Pueblos, Los Alamos, NM LOS ALAMOS, NM

non functioning gas valve

Granada Dr, White Rock, NM LOS ALAMOS, NM